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About us

Inkredible Products is a South African based business that started trading in 2004. We specialise in edible printing supplies. We are recognised as the first local company to provide edible printing to a global market. We stock only Canon printers, which we have discovered are the ideal printers for processing edible papers. Our papers and inks have been formulated specifically for our clients and have been rigorously tested for use on many edible surfaces. 

Who are our typical customers?

Home bakers, independent bakeries, party accessory suppliers, franchise supermarkets with in-house bakeries, specialised edible media printers, artistic confectioners, corporate promotions organisations. In fact, any person or business who wish to replicate full-colour, high-resolution edible images for their standard food products.


- deliver nationally within South Africa,

- export across Africa and the rest of the world,

- offer our own exclusive edible paper brands for all food groups,

- offer high-quality edible inks specially formulated for our paper,

- supply printers specifically selected to process our edible paper.

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